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How To Convert Your Web Visitors into Paying Client$

Tuesday May 24th, 2016. 7 p.m.

ThatChannel Studios, 600 Bay Street, Ste. 510, Toronto, Ontario

How To Turn Your Website Visitors into Paying Customers

with Kagan Mustafa, xodMedia.com


Getting traffic to your website is one thing.  Converting those people into potential clients is another.  It’s the difference between failure and success in the digital world.

Kagan will share with you how to take these “visitors” and drive them to a course of action. It’s as simple as getting them to subscribe to a newsletter or having them call you for more information.  According to Kagan, it’s about having the right flow to the site alongside roadtesting the content.

About Kagan Mustafa

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, Kagan Mustafa has established himself as an industry expert with an emphasis on developing and maintaining a successful online presence. With a diverse portfolio consisting of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small mom-and-pop shops, Kagan demonstrates his ability to develop appropriate strategies on a case-to-case basis.

Organizations benefit from Kagan’s exemplary ability to interpret a client’s vision and translate them into comprehensive online strategies. Raising the standards of website development, Kagan offers a remarkable approach to search engine optimization (SEO), competitive analysis, social media marketing and website analytics.

Kagan has maintained his reputation for delivering reliable and responsive websites through his dedication to providing the highest level of security. Establishing professional relationships with only the best in the industry, businesses are assured that all concerns are addressed with efficient and secure solutions.

With a strong background in computer science and technology, Kagan has been able to differentiate himself in his field with his advanced knowledge of human eye tacking. Leveraging subconscious human eye patterns allows Kagan to place key information that will maximize user interaction on your website.

Kagan’s dedication to quality services is apparent in his diligence to adhering to regulatory acts. Not only does Kagan develop and host all websites in compliance with the most recent security codes, he ensures all websites developed also respect the government acts for persons with disabilities.

Finally, Kagan’s experience in the professional world has lead businesses to engage him as a consultant and keynote speaker. Speaking across North America, Kagan has captivated audiences by sharing his unique techniques and approaches to developing a successful online presence.

When:  Tuesday May 24th, 7 p.m.

Where:  ThatChannel.com Studios, 600 Bay Street, Ste. # 510, Toronto, Ontario.
Just north of Dundas on the west side of the street.

Cost:      Free of You are a Compliements of Northwood Mortgage Life and Northwood Financial..  Otherwise, we charge $30.

All profits go towards Childrens Make A Wish Foundation